For the last ten years, I’ve been so blessed to be a mom to three girls: Violet, 10… Gwenivere, 6… and Daphne, 1.5.

And while these three amazing little humans are by far my greatest creation and life’s work ever… I was someone before they got here!

In my pre-mom life, I was a fashion designer and a business owner.  My designs and creations graced the pages of magazines and runways around the world, and my face popped up on blogs, tv screens, and even billboards, busses, and subway stations!  But more on that later!

This fall, it’s time to open the vault… and you’re invited!  I’m unpacking it all – my successes, my failures, my adventures, and my detours.  I’m sharing my story to inspire not only my kids to chase their dreams, but also women whose goals and dreams may have taken a back seat since entering motherhood.

It’s all happening at… So join me on this unfiltered journey as I reminisce, celebrate, laugh, and probably cry at the many highs and lows that have crossed my path so far!